Secure Asset Storage Facilities

Secure Your Assets while Repaying Your Loan

24/7 Monitoring

MYBRIDGENOW protects your collateral asset within one of our secure, monitored storage facilities in the Twin Cities area. All grounds are secure to authorized personnel only and are fully climate-controlled and monitored by a 24/7 security presence. Each location is also monitored by security cameras with end-to-end visibility.

Capacity for Items of All Size

We have the storage capacity to house the largest private jets and boats, to the smallest musical instruments or delicate rare artwork.
The protection and security of your assets while under our care should bring you peace of mind. We want to make sure all items are returned to their respective owners in the same condition they were presented to us upon the conclusion of the loan.
In the event of a catastrophe or event outside our control, MYBRIDGENOW's secure storage facilities are fully insured and backed by substantial policies protecting your assets.

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