Personal Loans for Firearms

We Accept ALL Types of Firearms as Asset(s) for Your New Loan


Your experience working with MYBRIDGENOW for a collateral firearms loan is always confidential. From start to finish, we are discreet and protect your information and asset.

Turn that Unused Firearm into Cash

MYBRIDGENOW can help you get money for your collectible firearm, rifle, shotgun, or handgun. With a quick turnaround, you can turn that unused or rarely used firearm into money you can use today!

MYBRIDGENOW makes sure all precautions are taken when handling your firearm. We understand that firearms need to be kept in an environment that is both secure and climate controlled. This preserves the integrity of your firearm and assures it is safe while your loan is being repaid. Your firearm will be professionally estimated by a licensed ATF-Firearms professional. All firearms must arrive to us unloaded and in a secure case.

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