Sell Your Item and Get Cash Same Day

Cash When You Need It

Sell Instead of Borrow

For clients who would rather sell their assets outright, MyBridgeNow is willing to consider any item of value you intend to sell and purchase it with cash for you today!

Cash for Your Assets

For those interested in receiving a straight cash deal for their assets, MyBridgeNow will take your asset and give you money immediately as a direct sale.
Sell your car, truck, artwork, jewelry or any other item of value outright to MyBridgeNow and walk out our door with cash. The MyBridgeNow professional appraisal team will examine your item to determine its worth, and let you know what the item could be sold for. You will work directly with our staff one-on-one to negotiate a deal to sell your item.

We encourage you to contact the MyBridgeNow offices directly at 612-913-6068 and schedule an appointment to bring your item in. If the asset is too large or difficult to move/transport, please call us to discuss an in-person visit by one of the MyBridgeNow professionals.


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