Fine Jewelry Collateral Loans

You Don't Have to Sell that Ring to Get Cash For It

CASH on the SPOT

Bring one piece of jewelry or a collection, MYBRIDGENOW will get you the cash you need on the spot.

Don't Make a Decision You'll Regret

Instead of selling your jewelry, which can sometimes be a keepsake or family heirloom, why not borrow against it when you need the money and get it back later?
Selling an asset like fine jewelry can lead to remorse once you realize it is now gone forever. MYBRIDGENOW makes it possible for you to obtain a loan using fine jewelry as collateral today, and get your item back later.
We have some of the best, most qualified gemologists in the upper Midwest. They are steeped in years of examining fine, rare and exclusive jewelry pieces from around the country. Let our fine jewelry appraisers look your item over and determine its value, so you will know the loan you receive is a fair value.

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