Collateral Loans for Your Watercraft

Get Your Boat Off the Water During Winter Season and get Cash in Hand

CASH for your BOAT

MYBRIDGENOW accepts all kinds of boats, from luxury yachts, to sport fishing boats and speedboats. We can get you a loan today.

Secured Storage Facilities

We store your boat in a secure and climate-controlled storage facility so you can be assured your property is returned in the exact condition in which it was received.

Do you have a boat that you'd like to use more, but just can't seem to find the time? Turn that boat into a MYBRIDGENOW collateral loan and get some cash that you can use today!
Maybe it's winter and your boat or jet ski is parked in storage or in a garage. Why not turn that downtime into cash you can spend now? Upon repayment, pick up your watercraft in time for spring thaw.
We will have our trained watercraft appraisers look at your boat or jet ski and determine its current market value. From that estimation, MYBRIDGENOW will put together a loan package that will have you out the door in about an hour.

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