What Our Customers Are Saying

Stacy | Minnetonka, MN

Paul with MYBRIDGENOW has been a huge help to my business. When clients have been slow-paying, he has helped gap that bridge.

Matt | Mound, MN

My guys got paid in time because of MYBRIDGENOW! Easy, quick, and excellent service! Thanks again!

Kyle | Mound, MN

I was waiting for the closing on the sale of my house which kept getting delayed, but needed some funds for bills right now, and MYBRIDGENOW was able to help

Steve | Minneapolis, MN
Was moving soon, and had an extra vehicle that I couldn't take with. Sold my car within minutes, got my money, and was on my way!
Chad | Mankato, MN
We had a family emergency and needed $7,500.00 immediately. MYBRIDGENOW really helped us out!
David | Rosemount, MN
They really helped me out with a loan against some of my seasonal equipment that I wasn't using. Got the money I needed!
Mila | St. Paul, MN
MYBRIDGENOW helped me out with a quick loan the same day I called them. They are great to work with, and made things fast and easy!
Joseph | Minnesota, MN
Used my boat to get the cash I needed today!
Dan | Bloomington, MN
Great guys to work with! They really care and helped me when I needed it!
Leslie | Minnesota, MN
I've used MYBRIDGENOW several times when I needed some extra money fast. They get me in and out quickly with what I need!
Rick | Eagan, MN
I was in-between jobs and had gotten a little behind on my bills. A loan against my guns with MYBRIDGENOW got me caught up. They were great to work with and made it easy!
Mike | Minneapolis, MN
The winter was slow for my business, and a loan against my equipment got me through until spring!
Brian | Minneapolis, MN
I had done the work, but needed to pay my crew, and they hadn't paid me yet. MYBRIDGENOW gave me a short loan against my boat until I got paid.
T.Y. | Minneapolis, MN
My boyfriend was in trouble, and we needed money that day. MYBRIDGENOW gave us a loan on one of our cars, and we were able to get out of a jam.
Sarah | Wayzata, MN
I was waiting on a payment that was delayed, but I had bills to pay now. I got a loan on my extra car and got my bills paid on time. When my payment finally came through, I picked up my car and was all set.
Sue | Farmington, MN
I needed to cover payroll, and MYBRIDGENOW was able to help me out when I needed it!
L.A. | St. Paul, MN
I was laid off for a few months, and got behind on some bills. Traditional banks wouldn't help me out, but a loan with MYBRIDGENOW got me caught up. I got back to work, and then picked up my jewelry.
G.F. | Forest Lake, MN
Had an opportunity to buy some real estate for a great deal before it went to market, but I needed $25,000 cash now. MYBRIDGENOW did a loan on my classic car the same day, and I got my deal done!
L.P. | St. Paul, MN
I had a truck break down, and needed $16,000 now for repairs to get it back on the road making me money. MYBRIDGENOW got me back in business fast
Tom B | Minnesota , MN
I needed to buy some supplies to finish a construction job I was working on. With the loan, I was able to purchase my supplies, finish the job, and get paid.

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