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Musical Instrument Short-Term Loans

Borrow Cash Now Using Musical Instruments as Loan Collateral
Cash for Musical Instruments

Your musical instrument can be an old collectible piece, or a brand new item. We accept musical instruments as loan collateral and store them away in our safe and secure warehouses, so you can be assured your instrument is returned in the same condition as it was received.
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Convenient Cash
MYBRIDGENOW makes it convenient and easy to get cash for your musical instruments. We give loans against musical instruments, helping get you the cash you need today without selling your instrument.

Do you have a piano sitting around collecting dust or being used as a plant stand? How about old instruments like a tuba or trombone sitting at home or tucked away in storage? Now is the perfect time to turn them into a short-term loan to buy the things you want instead.

Your instrument will be professionally assessed for condition and functionality and a loan will be made to you based on that valuation. The process is fast and quite simple. With flexible repayment terms and a courteous and confidential staff, MYBRIDGENOW is Minnesota's lending leader for short-term loans on musical instruments.

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We Accept Many Kinds of Musical Instruments

Pianos · Acoustic Guitars · Electric Guitars · Bass Guitars · Drum Sets · Sound Equipment & Speakers · Trombones · Tubas · Electric Pianos · Clarinets · Violins · Antique Instruments · Harps · and more!