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Short-Term Loans for Fine Artwork

Get Money for Fine Art & Sculptures
Cash for Your Art

Do you own artwork that is just taking up space? Perhaps archived and stored away or just isn't the right fit for your home? MYBRIDGENOW can turn that artwork into cash and get you money to use for expenses, travel, a vehicle purchase or to remodel your home.
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...Or Sell Outright
Not interested in getting the artwork back? Perhaps it no longer fits the decor of your home or was an inherited piece? Simply leave the artwork with us and keep the loan outright as cash. No repayment necessary.

Your artwork will be professionally appraised by our team of certified estimators. You can be assured to receive a loan amount that is fair based on the condition and rarity of your piece. Once you receive your collateral loan, MYBRIDGENOW will transfer your artwork into one of our secure holdings facilities. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your artwork is safe and secure during the duration of your loan.

Once your short-term loan is repaid, you will receive your artwork back in the exact condition in which it was presented to us. In order for the MYBRIDGENOW team to assess your artwork and make sure you receive a loan based on fair market value, please bring along any documentation or paperwork citing the authenticity of your piece.

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We Accept All Types of Fine Art

Oil Paintings · Watercolor Paintings · Sculptures · Antique Books · Rare Paintings · Modern Art · Photography · Original Manuscripts · Antique Mosaics · Tiffany Lamps · all fine art will be considered!